Welcome to my new website

Hello everyone,

I am very happy to welcome you to my new website. Most of you already know me. For those who do not know me, just a few short information about me. I am 31 years old and have been suffering from severe instabilities of my cervical spine since 2010.

Because of these disabling issues, I travelled to the USA and tried an alternative treatment (prolotherapy) in 2014. During my treatments, I created a blog and wrote about the experiences I made with this therapy. A lot of people with cervical instabilities contacted me, which led to the idea of this website.

Over time, it also became increasingly clear that this seems to be a very difficult issue in Germany (and other countries as well). I would like to contribute with this page so that we can become our own specialists and maybe bring some more attention to this disease. 

If you find any mistakes or wrong informations or for alle kinds of question please contact me. I am still quite new at making websites, so I am very sorry if something is wrong.