Pilates was invented in 1883 by Joseph Hubert Pilates as a full-body workout to strenghten the deep back muscles. The main goal is to achieve a correct posture. Pilates focuses on the pelvic, abdominal and lower back muscles (“Centering”). This center is the starting point for every exercise. All exercises should build up on each other and later smoothly flow into one another.

For the training Pilates uses a mat or special Pilates machines. The foundation for all exercises is a special breathing technique. This technique does not only lead to permanent strengthening of the deep core muscles, but also helps with relaxation and concentration. During all exercises the main focus has to be a controlled movement. This is another aspect of Pilates: having control over the body at all times (“Contrology“).

With our special issue, and to avoid any kind of wrong posture, we should make sure to find a very experienced instructor (if possible a physical therapist) who specifically has knowledge about the cervical spine. All movements should be done slowly and fluently in order to prevent joint problems. Also it should be considered to start just with a couple of exercises while lying down.