My second book is available!

My second book is available online: Wenn der Kopf zur Last wird – Mein überbewegliches Leben

If you always wanted to take a look into my mind, you have the chance to do so in a couple of days, because I just published my new book (German): „Wenn der Kopf zur Last wird – Mein überbewegliches Leben“. It will be available soon.

The price for the print version will be a little higher than for my first book, simply because the second book is longer. If this should not be affordable for some patients, there will be an ebook version available for under 4 Euro. All of you know that I am not writing to get wealthy, but more to raise awareness for EDS and comorbid conditions. So in case anyone cannot afford the ebook version, please just contact me and I will see what I can do to find a solution.

I am super excited to hear if you recognize the details that distinguish this book from my first one. With every publication I gain experience and learn something new.


Many very kind people have helped me with this book, and without them none of it would have been possible.

Thank you!

I am happy to hear your opinion and hope you can feel the passion and work that were invested into those 345 pages.