Brunkow therapy

Brunkow therapy uses neurophysiological elements to improve posture through specific stimuli to the muscles. While feet and hands are brought in a special position, and under additional pressure, a full body tension is created that leads to a straightening of the trunk muscles.

In addition the now isometric contracted limbs can be moved. This further increases tension and leads to a very gentle stabilization of the joints and is therefore good for cervical spine instability. The exercises are performed in a prone position.

Brunkow therapy was expanded to “acro dynamic therapy“.

This concept is based on a more holistic approach and encompasses myofascial connections. Arco dynamic therapy works mainly with hands and feet which are the foundation for a change of posture.
For example, the following medical conditions are affected positively:

Neurological disorders like stroke, paresis, ataxia, MS.

Orthopedic disorders like herniated discs, instabilities.

Other diseases like migraine, incontinence.