Atypical forms and other findings of the cervical spine

Loss of cervical spine curvature: 

A loss of the physiological cervical spine curvature can arise due to muscular trauma or chronically poor posture, particularly with muscular imbalance. All patients with cervical spine instability show a loss of cervical spine curvature, but also a lot of healthy people do have this. It is not a pathological variant.

Hyperlordosis is an increased cervical curvature.

A pannus is an indirect sign of instability of the cervical spine. See also: Diagnostics/Pannus.

Vertebral artery hypoplasia:

Hypoplastic vertebral arteries are a common incidental finding in MRIs of the cervical spine and cranium. It means that usually one side has a smaller, narrow vertebral artery.

Most of these malformations are congenital and therefore without clinical significance.

Insufficiency of the vertebral artery however is difficult to detect and is a diagnosis of exclusion.