Accidents / Chiropractic

Accidents / Chiropractic / Surgeries


Common causes of instabilities which are rarely thought of are:

Accidents at home or sport injuries (skiing, contact sports)

Sometimes a couple of smaller accidents lead to instabilities as well.


Probably the most common cause of cervical spine instability are:

whiplash injuries due to car accidents.

Unfortunately the symptoms of CCI following a car accident are still wrongly thought to be psychological.

Improperly or frequently performed chiropractic (especially high velocity maneuvers) is often described by patients as the cause of their instability.

An additional but often forgotten cause of instabilities could be the hyperextension of the cervical spine during surgeries and anesthesia.

Moreover a consequent malposition and hyperextension of the neck (for example while working in front of a computer) can lead to stretching and laxity of the ligaments.


Whiplash injury