Proloexperiences written by others


I have also been treated by Dr H. in Chicago for cervical instability some time ago, 4 treatments, spaced approximately 4 weeks apart, 3 times additionally with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). I felt a significant improvement after the 2nd/3rd treatment – the whole neck got noticeably more stable, I felt less cracking, and also the neurological symptoms I had before (dizziness, disturbed vision, paresthesia, numbness) subsided almost completely after the 4th treatment.

Unfortunately I had a bad setback after I came back, maybe due to intubation for general anesthesia, it’s not quite clear what happened. I find it hard to know if I was just unlucky or if prolotherapy cannot keep the promises it makes. At the moment I’m worse than before.

I had a DMX (Digital Motion X-Ray) done in Chicago as advised by Dr H. I have to confess that I was rather unaware of radiation-related risks, I hadn’t done much research on that matter and just wanted confirmation of the diagnosis, as previous tests (MRI, CT, functional x-ray) hadn’t been quite that conclusive. They found injuries of several ligaments in the cervical area, including transvers and alar ligament.


Place of therapy: Chicago

Period of therapy: Within 5 months 3 appointments, average resting time in the USA 4 days

Costs: approx. 1000 Euro per appointment

Before therapy: The welcome in the office is absolutely friendly. At first you are signing in on a list with time of arrival.
After a short waiting period you are picked up by a nurse. This nurse accompanies you all the time. The nurse is collecting all the important data and of course at the first time this all takes a little bit of time.
Then the nurse prepares you for the treatment. You will get medication like pain relifer, your neck will be prepared (desinfection).

If you will have a PRP Prolotherapy they will draw blood from your vein and get the injections ready.
 After a short conversation with the patient, everything is ready to get the job done … by the way a tiny advice: Don`t get yourself disturbed or frightened by the pain shouts of other patients 🙂

Procedure: In my case Dextrose and PRP was used. The PRP was given in particular in the area C1-C2, otherwise it was injected through the whole cervical spine including the back of the head.
 As the assistant of the doctor told me after the first session, the therapy was done very aggressive because of the heavyness of my symptoms.

As prolotherapy all over the US is done differently, the doctor injects on without any X-ray control and he does it fast.
 The injection is very painfull although local numbing and pain medication was used.
Because of this fact the doctor gave me a short break to relax and uncramp a little bit. The doctor and the nurse did a great job with helping me through all the pain. Thank you for that.
The therapy took around 5-10 minutes.

After the procedure: Directly after the procedure you remain lying and receive a heat pad on your neck, in order to get the liquid deeper into the tissue. After about 25 minutes the nurse helped me with standing up. I felt like having a big weight on my neck. They cleaned my face and neck from the blood and helped me to put my neck collar on.

After the procedures I was able to leave the doctor`s office without any help in contrast to another patient I met at my first time over there.

Health effects: The neurological effects like daze, visual disturbances and concentration disturbances decreased after the therapy for approximate 10 days, then, unfortunately, came again. In this 10 days after the treatments I got an impression what a life without cervical instability could be ….:-( As a remaining effect my headaches have improved to 20%, in particular behind the eyes, also the quality of the sleep has become little bit better.