PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

PNF is a neurophysiological technique like Vojta. The goal is to change the movement pattern. PNF was developed in California and used to treat patients with polio in the beginning. Because of the high success they had with these patient group they advanced PNF and also used it for other neurological disorders.

Proprioception describes the sense of the body about the position and movement of body parts in the room. Proprioception is mainly provided by muscle, joint and tendon receptors. These receptors send the information to the central nervous system.

It is known that EDS patients have low proprioception.

PNF is supposed to change pathologic movement patterns to healthy patterns. The information of different movement patterns are stored in the central nervous system and can be used by the physical therapist to teach the body again how to move.

One muscle should not be moved alone, but together with more muscle groups in a combination of three dimensional mostly diagonal movements. As stimuli the therapist uses pressure and resistance.

Indications for PNF therapy are neurological disorders like Parkinsons, Stroke, MS, Polyneuropathy

or orthopedic diseases which come with disorders of the movement pattern like rheumatoid diseases, degenerative spinal diseases, muscle and tendon disorders

also after surgical procedures like hip replacements PNF can be useful.