Osteopathy is an alternative treatment method and is used by physicians, physical therapists and naturopaths. The foundation was invented by Andrew Taylor Still.

The basic premise is that the body is a functional unit and has the ability to self-regulation. Since it is assumed that a disturbance of one part has an influence on another part. The arteries, the nervous system and lymphatic system play an essential role in osteopathy.

Osteopaths have a refined sense and examine the body for functional disturbances with their hands.

Like some other alternative treatment methods the osteopathy has the goal to activate the bodies ability to self-healing. This will be achieved through the elimination of dysfunctions. The muscles, bones, blood and lymph vessels are brought into balance.

There are many different osteopathic techniques, for example, the cranio-sacral therapy, which uses various techniques on the sacrum and skull, or fascial release techniques, visceral techniques and many more.

Most of the techniques are very gentle and therefore eligible for lots of different disorders.

Babys and infants are often treated but also diseases of adults can be affected in a positive way:

headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, back pain, mandibular pain, intestinal problems, irritable bowel syndrome and many more.

For our problem it is very important to find an osteopath with very good anatomical knowledge and experience in instabilities of the upper cervical spine.

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