My Proloexperience

My Prolo Protocol:

The following areas were injected bilaterally with a 15 % Dextrose, 10 % Sarapin solution at their bony attachments including the lamina, facet joints, transverse processes of cervical vertebrea C1 to C7, the mastoid process, superior and inferior nuchal ridges on the occiput, posterolateral clavicule and superior angle of the scapula: suboccipital and erector spinae muscles, including longissimus capitus, iliocostalis cervicis, longissimus cervicis, scalene posterior, splenius cervicis, semispinalis cervicis, and semispinalis capitis, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, levator scapulae, and serratus anterior muscle; also injected were the C1 to C7 facet joints including these joints articular capsules and the intertransverse ligaments.

A total of 80 cc of solution was utilized to 56 seperate injections, 0,5 cc solution was injected to each of above facet joints. 11 cc PRP solution injected around upper cervical region C0-C3

Thoracic spine:
 The following areas were injected with a Special solution bilaterally at their bony attachments including the facet joints and costovertebral junctions from T1-T7 as well as the ribs, the joint capsules, costotransverse ligaments, as well as the erector spinae muscles, including iliocostalis, longissimus, splenius, semispinalis, multifidus, rotatores, levatores costarum and the intertransversarii muscles.

3 cc Dextrose, 2 cc Sarapin, 5 cc sterile water, 1 cc Asclera

Lower Back/Ilio sacral joint:
 The following areas were injected bilaterally with a special solution at their bony attachments in the lower lumbar, sacral and iliac crest regions:
dorsal sacroiliac, iliolumbar, sacrotuberous, and sacrospinous ligaments; thoraco lumbar fascia, aponeurotic origin of the latisimus dorsi, and the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, iliocostalis, lumborum, longissimus, multifidus, quadratus lumborum, and pyriformis muscles. Solution was also injected into and around the L3/4 and L5 facet joints and transverse processes bilaterally.

A total of 70 cc was utilized for 56 seperate injections, 5 cc injected in each of the sacroiliac joints.

My personal prolo experience:

In total I had 10 prolo treatments in Chicago. The office is very friendly, the staff very caring. At the first appointment I had to write down my whole history of diseases (a very long patient questionaire including every little organ and symptom I ever had).

Then you will be called in a treatment room and the nurse goes through all questions and concerns with you, which takes an hour.
Then the doctor comes and answers all medical questions about prolotherapy and the underlying condition.

He then decides how many treatment you probably need and the period of time between the treatments. After this, the treatment can begin.

You will wear a gown, are completely desinfected and the nurse prepares the injections.
Do not to look how many syringes lying there.

You will lay down on your abdomen and the doctor tries as best as he can to be fast with the injections. In my case, I had a total of 7 treatments of C1 – C3, C3 – C8 9 treatments, 4 treatments to the thoracic spine and 5 treatments to the lower back.
3 of this sessions were for the whole back, which you might not to do.

After each session, you will be contacted by phone or email and the nurse will ask you how you are doing after the therapy.

We have decided that I first will have treatments every 10 days and later every 3-4 weeks.

After the first treatment I was very swollen and I felt very bad. But for a few days I was very stable due to the swelling. After 10 days, the swelling was gone and the instability back.

I was told that we can see any successes after the 3rd treatment. So I waited and waited. There was no improvement in my cervical spine but my lower back improved a little bit.

Conclusion: I would say the office is very knowledgeable and friendly but I think some cases of cervical instability just progressed to far and do not respond to prolo anymore.