My experiences with helpful aids for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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Cervical collars

I can only say positive things about my cervical collars. Both collars help improve or even resolute my symptoms shortly after applying.

Unfortunately, I am now heavily dependent on my collars although I have tried to train my cervical muscles.

More information about collars.

Neck braces


Compression tights / Compression Clothing:

I am wearing my compression tights almost daily. They not only help to improve the Dysautonomia symptoms but also stabilize my knees, hips and SI joints. I have less pain, am able to walk longer distances and am not as tired and worn out as before. I wear compression tights CCL2 by Bauerfeind.

However my compression leggings had no effect. The compression was minimal to barely noticeable for me.

I also wear a compression long sleeve by Skins which feels very comfortable on the skin and has a stabilizing effect on my shoulders.

Compression cloths



Since a couple of days I am wearing ringsplints for the DIP joints of both 2nd fingers. The splints prevent hyperextension of the fingers which often happens to me when writing or cutting vegetables. My splints are very comfortable and fit perfectly.

I purchased those ringsplints :

Ringsplints DIP 2nd finger Ringsplint DIP 2nd finger Ringsplint DIP 2nd Finger


Proprioceptive shoe inlays

Proprioception inlays for my shoes are supposed to improve and stabilize my posture.

Proprioceptive shoe inlays


Walking cane

My cane helps me to keep balance, supports me when I am walking and provides some feeling of security.–DQSJADU8f2jcT4iuuVxI4i-NpaeWUgCAEeEEkjFn7-NkKR2t-G4IhoCAivw_wcB

Walking cane Walking cane


Memory foam seat cushion

My memory foam seat cushion is probably one of the best purchases ever. This is a must have for all people who are suffering from low back pain, SI joint instability with pain in your legs and for every one which has pain in their gluteus maximus after sitting for too long. With the help of this pillow I am able to sit on hard undergrounds for way longer than before without getting horrible back pain.

Memory foam seat pillow



I have now own bandages for both knees, a lower back belt and bandages for both hips.

Mostly I am using the lower back belt. Since additionally my hips are very unstable when walking I recommend to buy a belt that is flexible and can be worn further below than normal. This little „misusage“ holds my hips together and can help when walking. Furthermore, it should be ensured that the bandage does not slip up when walking and sitting.

I have the following lower back belt:®-Lady/p/YPBF_BAW_LUMBOTR_L



Dietary supplements

I take a lot of supplements and vitamins and feel subjectively no particular improvement in my condition.



Sleep hygiene

A good sleep is very important which is why I have tried several little things. I am noticing the best success with a memory foam neck pillow and a knee wedge or alternatively a U-shaped pregnancy pillow. I feel best when there is something between my knees and arms to support the hips and shoulders during night.

Sleeping aids


Heating pad / Tens

Heating pads and TENS I use only when I have quite a lot of pain or tension in the neck or trigger points around the SI joints. Most of the time this only helps minimally.

Heating pad, Tens