How can I find additional information?

Unfortunately many of us have experienced being alone with their disease and even after a long time of searching there is still no doctor who could help.


Because of that it is very important to be well informed.

Knowledge about my own condition is very important and I feel better and safer the more I learn.

What kind of information am I looking for?

If you are looking for interaction and communication with other patients

then you can participate in one of the online forums. There are a couple of them for whiplash injuries and cervical spine injuries. It is mainly used to communicate with other patients and exchange experiences. It can be very helpful to not feel alone anymore and you can find useful information about diagnostics and therapy.

If your goal is to convince a doctor about something or you want to read scientifically sound articles the best possibility is:

Pubmed is an online library where you can find most of the important scientific publications. A few articles are freely accessible and other articles do show a good overview (abstract). You can search for keywords or authors.

If you want to read the full article you can always try to contact the author or get a university library permit.

It is always usefull if you can support a statement to a doctor with a professional source. Leave out the emotions and talk about facts.

You can also search for publications here:


Another source can be medical books. Sometimes you can buy older editions for a good price on eBay.

Some universities offer insight into different doctor thesis on their website.


I tried to support all information given on this website with publications and scientific facts.

But it has to be clear that there are not always sources to use in case of cervical spine instability. Some things are still only my personal experience.


And last but not least it is very important to validate the informations you found and assess them.