Helpful aids for EDS

In conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patients usually need support of their joints, additional to physical therapy.

Often they need passive stabilization from the outside to avoid subluxations.

Therefore it makes sense to wear braces if necessary. Again, please be aware, that wearing braces can decrease muscle strength and you should always still do muscle building exercises.
In the picture below you can see braces for the knees. the lower back, the hips and inserts for shoes. This helps me to get through my day.



Furthermore, there are various braces for wrists, shoulders and many more. If braces no longer work for you orthosis are available.

Ringsplints can help to prevent the finger joints from hyperextension. This can be very relieving for little every day tasks like writing or cooking.

Ringsplint DIP 2nd Finger Ringsplint DIP 2nd finger Ringsplints DIP 2nd finger

Painkillers are usually part of the standard EDS treatment as well as certain vitamins which might have a positive effect on connective tissue.



Good sleep quality is very important to regenerate. But sleep disturbances are very common in EDS patients. Often the position of the joints during sleep is wrong and they start to hurt. A good support neck pillow or knee pillow can help to avoid disturbances through the night. Try to make your bed as comfortable as you can.

Sleeping aids


For EDS patients with cervical spine instability it is sometimes helpful to have neck braces. Especially then when your symptoms are not bearable anymore.


Neck braces

Other items such as heating pads to relieve pain or reduce muscle spasm, or a TENS machine can be helpful.

Heating pad, Tens

For EDS sufferers with Dysautonomia compression stockings are often recommended but compression tights do work significantly better. Also compression tights can help with instability of the lower extremities and proprioception.

Compression cloths


Regarding pain and poor proprioception which is often seen in EDS patients without Dysautonomia, compression clothing could have a positive effect.

Proprioceptive shoe inlays are recommended for people with bad posture and can provide stability.

Proprioceptive shoe inlays

For better balance and some feeling of security when walking aids like a walking stick could be advantageous.

Walking cane Walking cane

A memory foam seat cushion helps with SI instability, lower back pain and nerve compression of the legs.

Memory foam seat pillow